Monday, 28 April 2014

Falling confetti nails

Confetti loreal nails with ciate pepperminty 
Just recently bought the loreal confetti nails in black and white which you can Buy Here at boots! I wanted to test it out but rather than having the confetti all over the nails I wanted to make them look as though they were falling in a gradient effect.
As a base colour I've chosen to use the ciate pepperminty colour which was taken from my ciate mini mani month advent calendar which is available at asos here, I think this colour works well as it's bright and will show up both the black and white spotted confetti. After layering the ciate pepperminty colour 3 times I then applied the loreal confetti to my nails, starting at the cuticle I just gently dabbed the confetti, layering lots of little dots and then bringing the brush (with fewer dots on the brush) to the top of the nail, below shows the final look!