Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pyramid flower nails

Using scented peach revlon nails I've painted my nails.

I then added white flowers to each nail and then a black dot to the centre of the nail, on the nails inbetween I've added a diamant├ę pyramid to them.

Cupcake sprinkle nails

Using Models Own nail stickers I've created a cupcake sprinkle nail design on my nails

Holiday nails!

Just started to do my nails for my holiday as I'll be flying away to Magaluf on Monday!

These nails went a bit wrong so I haven't used this design for my holiday unfortunately! But I will go through what I used and did to create this look.

To create this look I've used DIY nails, nail decals. I'd chosen to use the pineapple design. You can get these from the DIYnails website or Asos.

Here shows the decals, when using them just dip them in the water and place onto the nails but hold them down onto your nails for around 10 seconds so they have chance to stick.

After I painted my nails using beauty Uk nail varnish in green I then applied the decals to the white nail only. I've chosen my middle finger as I will do a zigzag design on the remaining white nail.

I then wanted to create a zig zag nail so I applied a white Barry m varnish on top of the zig zag stickers. As shown in previous posts.

Advice would be to not use glitter over the top of the decals as I found it didn't look as good!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Models own nail swatch

Here's just a small look at my new Models Own nail varnish, in a pale brown colour! It was easy to apply and plenty of paint gets onto the brush so you're not having to constantly re-dip. 

The nail varnish is super shiny and dries fast, I applied just two coats to my nails which was unusual because normally when applying nail varnish I have to apply  three.

Lovely neutral colour which would work well for weddings or work, giving a classy look.

The nail varnish actually comes with some nail stickers. However, I've chosen not to use them as I'm going on holiday in two weeks and my nails will need re-doing so it'd be a waste of stickers!


Friday, 13 June 2014

Loreal Confetti speckled egg

Using loreal confetti and Ciate Amazing Gracie, I've decided to create a speckled egg look on my nails!

Starting with Loreal Confetti, I applied one coat to the nails.

This is how it should look! 

I've used too much confetti on one of the nails so I've chosen to remove some as I think it looks a bit too fussy!
I then applied ciate Amazing Gracie over the top of the nails!

I applied one coat, and then continued to apply coats until you can hardly see the confetti!

Below shows how the nails looked after a third coat of Ciate! 

I then applied some more confetti to go over the top to show some darker speckles and overlay the confetti.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Neon orange nails

Just replaced my ladybird nails with bright neon orange Gelly nails Barry M.

I've chosen to keep the zig zag nail and just touch it up!

I think this colour works really well an is great for summer. The gelly Barry m gives  the nails a great shine!

Perfect summer nails! Orange for when the sun is shining!

Zoe x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ladybird Nails

Above shows the final look I've created, a ladybird zig zag design!

Starting with Ciate Mistress I applied one coat to my nails.

I made sure to leave the middle finger as the zig zag design will be going onto that nail.

The first coat is very thin and another layer will need to be applied. 

After that I applied Barry M white coat to the middle finger. 

Above shows the first coat! Again, this needs another layer on top as the white coat is too thin with just the one layer. 

Above shows two coats applied to the white nail! Giving it a much better look.

I've chosen to use the above brush from the set shown below. 

I've chosen to use that brush as it's easy to work with and will work best when creating the top of the ladybird. 

Using Black Barry M, I dipped the brush into the pot and gradually bit by bit created a round semi circle for the face of the ladybird. 

I then repeated this step on the rest of the nails. Excluding the white middle finger.

I then needed to create the wings by doing a straight line from the black semi circle to the base of the nail.

Using my second brush, a very straight brush. I dipped this into the black nail polish and drew a straight neat line.

I then applied the dots to the nails using the below dotting tool.

I dipped the brush in the black and applied dots in a variety of places. 

Now for the eyes!

Using the same clean dotting tool I then applied larger white dots to create the eyes of the ladybird, as shown above!

I then applied small black dots to the white part of the eyes. Stickers can be bought here!

Using the above zig zag labels I then applied these to the middle white finger. 

It's important to make sure they're stuck on correctly. I then applied a black coat covering the stickers.

I then peeled off the stickers instantly. And below is the finished look after being touched up with a cotton bud.