Saturday, 28 June 2014

Holiday nails!

Just started to do my nails for my holiday as I'll be flying away to Magaluf on Monday!

These nails went a bit wrong so I haven't used this design for my holiday unfortunately! But I will go through what I used and did to create this look.

To create this look I've used DIY nails, nail decals. I'd chosen to use the pineapple design. You can get these from the DIYnails website or Asos.

Here shows the decals, when using them just dip them in the water and place onto the nails but hold them down onto your nails for around 10 seconds so they have chance to stick.

After I painted my nails using beauty Uk nail varnish in green I then applied the decals to the white nail only. I've chosen my middle finger as I will do a zigzag design on the remaining white nail.

I then wanted to create a zig zag nail so I applied a white Barry m varnish on top of the zig zag stickers. As shown in previous posts.

Advice would be to not use glitter over the top of the decals as I found it didn't look as good!

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