Friday, 2 May 2014

Guinea fowl feather nails

I've just recently purchased some guinea fowl nail feathers on eBay for around £3 and wanted to test them out, below shows the two nail varnishes I've used - these are ciate speed coat and revlon scented peach nail varnish.
The revlon scented peach nail varnish  is true to it's word and literally does smell like peaches! I've used this colour because the feathers I'm using are an off-white colour this is because I wanted the feathers to blend together well. Get scented revlon peach here!
I think this nail art works best if you choose a feather that's widely spread at the top and has lots of little spots on it, the feather above wouldn't work well because it's too short at the top for a wide nail but could work well on your little finger! Get the guinea fowl feathers here!

When doing the nails I first applied a coat of clear nail varnish and then added two layers of the revlon scented peach then placed the feather on top and held it in place for a few minutes. I then cut the top of the feather and shaped it to my nail. Then I applied two layers of clear coat on top making sure all of the feather was pressed down, taking care on the edges! Ciate top coat can be bought here!
Here's the result! 

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