Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ombre nails

I wanted to try out the latest craze - ombre nails out for myself, I think this looks really good and if you make a mistake you can always cover it up using a glittery nail varnish!

I've chosen to use 3 shades of pink! These shades are ciate, Barry M and w7, it's important to pick 3 colours that are slightly similar in colour! 

To start with I painted the nail white and then applied a second layer of white Barry M.
Then once dried I applied my three shades of pink to a sponge. 
Make sure each shade is even and you do the shades in the right order! Starting with the darkest pink and finishing with the lightest. 

Sponge onto the nails, it's ok to make a mess! You can use a cotton bud to get rid of the messy edges. 

Apply a second layer of the sponge to your nails and then clean up around the edges, once fairly neat, then apply a coat of glitter nail varnish to make the colours blend and hide any mistakes! 

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