Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hole reinforcers DIY Nails

Just recently purchased some hole reinforcer's! And yes... They are those things you use to reinforce the holes on your paper inside your ring binder! But I thought they could work well to either create a French manicure or a variety of different circular shapes on your nails! Buy hole reinforcer's here!
Above shows the hole reinforcers, because I only wanted to use half the circle I've cut the reinforcers in half so I get more usage out of them!

Above shows what I used to create my hole reinforcer DIY nails! I've chose to use two similar colours a pink Barry M and also a purple one! I tend to always square my nails off using a glass nail file, I have two different glass nail files - one can be accessed clicking the link and the other is from boots, this gives them more of a false nail look that is close to perfect! As shown below! Glass nail file can be bought here!
So to start with I painted the base of my nails with the purple Barry M, a second layer of the purple and then waited and waited and waited..... And waited - for them to dry properly! 
So after waiting.. And waiting.. Now surely is the time to stick on the hole reinforcers? WRONG. The below picture shows what happens if you don't wait for the base coat to dry!!
Sticky nail with a reinforcer peeling your freshly painted nails! 

Right, so once the nails are dry, simply stick on the hole reinforcer at the lower cuticle part of the nail and paint your second colour over the top!

Peel off the hole reinforcer instantly, making sure to peel lifting up towards the top of the nail, leaving a neat edge!

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