Saturday, 17 May 2014

Zigzag glitter nails

Above shows the three nail varnishes I've used to create my zigzag glitter nails. 

Starting with Ciate Sugar plum I applied one layer to my nails leaving the finger nail next to my little finger without any.

Then I applied a second coat of sugar plum and waited awhile for the nails to dry and then continued to put a third coat. 

Then using ciate confetti nail varnish I applied this to the remaining fingernail.

Above shows the nail varnish Ciate Confetti which I used on one single nail. 

Above shows what the nail varnish looks after one layer.

You will need to keep re applying the confetti nail varnish as it is quite thin and i like to have a thick glitter effect.

Above shows the fingernail with two coats of glitter and I wasn't happy about how it looked so continued to apply the nail varnish until I had my desired nail.

Above now shows my nails with the final coat of glitter nail varnish, this took a while to do as I needed to make sure the glitter was even and consistent. 

I then applied my sticker zigzags to my nail pressing them down to make sure none of the varnish bleeds onto other parts of the nail. 

Using white Barry M paint I then painted over the top of the nail stickers. Make sure to use a thin coat.

Once painted I took the stickers off the nail instantly! This will prevent them getting stuck and a none messy look.

Above shows that the nails aren't perfect and it is messy. But after a good nail varnish remover and cotton bud you can touch them up. If the nails have bled and aren't perfect, go over the nails using your ordinary nail varnish brush. 

And that's it!!

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